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Strasbourg Conferences 

Strasbourg, the capital of Grand East region of France and the ninth largest city of France with a population of 773,347. It is not only the centre of seat of the European Parliament; it is the home of Grand Island, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Strasbourg serves as a bridge between France and Germany. It has emerged as an important centre for manufacturing, engineering, road, and rail as well as river transportation. The city has always been famous for its architecture and cathedrals, including the famous Sandstone Gothic Church.

Market Analysis & Funding  for Pharma | Nursing | Immunology | Neuroscience | Cancer | Engineering | Cardiology | Diabetes in Strasbourg, France


Analysis is based on the geographical growth rate from research and advancement shown during the particular year in terms of billion dollars at Strasbourg. The report highlights that the growth of pharmaceutical market has been increased from 2006 to 2008 then it slows down in the year of 2012 and again there was a constant growth shown throughout the year from 2014 to 2015. This figure had increased to 28.2% by 2016 and expected to remain the same.


                                                         Figure 1: Expected Growth Rate of Pharma Sector at Strasbourg (in Billion Dollars)


According to market analysis, employment trends in nursing sectors have increased by 20% in the past 4 years. The number of nursing graduates has increased by 72% in year 2012 to 82% in 2013, with 90% current rate of graduates in 2016. This significant growth indicates the tremendous growth rate in nursing sector in the coming future.


                                                         Figure 2: Employment of New Nursing Graduate Trends by Region (in %)


Market Report of Immunology in France, reflects the limited research scope of the field. Most of the research related to immunology are funded by International Organization and are very rarely supported by local funding agencies, leading to decline in the rate of immunological research. The declination rate of research is 27% which is evident from the graph.


                                                             Figure 3: Declined rate of research in Immunology field (in %)



The global neuroscience market size is valued $24 billion out of which France contributes 20%. This CAGR is expected to grow by 2.9% over next three years. Current funding is encouraging the research in this field in order to increase the study of complexity of brain to a deeper extent.

                                                                             Figure 4: Increasing rate of research in Neuroscience (in %)



Market report says that the global cancer drug market is expected to reach $1119 billion by 2020. Over the years France population has added 6.5-8 years to their life expectancy by fighting cancer and they are one of the highest life expectancies in Europe. However, these caused more investments in the healthcare sector, especially in oncology.



                                                                  Figure 5: Decreased Mortality Rate due to Cancer (in %)


According to market study, Strasbourg is the centre for manufacturing, engineering, road, and rail. Its manufacturing market has been seen to grown by 30% over the last two years and is expected to increase by 50-60% by the next one or two years primarily due to strong investments in infrastructure, building and industrial construction .



                                                                             Figure 6: Increased rate of Manufacturing Market (in %)


Global cardiology market is evolving rapidly and is expected to reach $97 billion by 2018. The World Heart Federation (WHF) unites 200 members spanning 100 countries in the fight against cardiovascular disease Global Data research predicts the worldwide market for CMD devices will reach $1.2 billion by 2017. 


                                                                                                            Figure 7: Funding for Cardiology



In recent research, it has been found that France type 2 diabetes market has shown a growth of approximately $987 million from 2012 to 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% by 2022 with a total of $2.1 billion.


                                                                                              Figure 8: Type 2 Diabetes Market (in million $)

Strasbourg City Highlights 

There are 14 institutes in Strasbourg under University of Strasbourg, which has been formed by merging three independent Universities. Some of the reputed institutions, colleges and universities to be mentioned are

Universities in Strasbourg | Strasbourg Conferences

  • University of Strasbourg

  • Aix-Marseille University

  • University of Avignon

  • University of Picardie Jules Verne

  • University of Franche-Comté

  • Bordeaux Montaigne University

  • University of Auvergne

  • University of Savoy

  • University of the French West Indies

  • University of French Guiana

  • University of La Réunion

  • Artois University

  • Charles de Gaulle University - Lille III

  • University of Limoges

  • University of Nîmes

  • University of Perpignan

  • University of Montpellier

  • University of Angers

  • University of Nantes

  • University of the South, Toulon-Var

  • University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

  • University of New Caledonia

  • University of Orléans

  • François Rabelais University

  • Panthéon-Assas University

  • Centre national d'études des telecommunications

Associations in Strasbourg | Strasbourg Conferences


Pharma and Biotech Companies and Industries in Strasbourg | Strasbourg Conferences

  • Vectalys – lentiviral vectors

  •  Biolie – enzymatic extraction

  • Hemarina – marine oxygen carriers

  •  BMG Labtech – microplate readers

  • 3D Matrix – synthetic extracellular matrix

  • NVH Medicinal

  • Daiichi Sankyo

  • CleanCells

  • Patheon

  • Charles River Laboratories

  • I-stem

  • Novian Health

  • Micropoint Bioscience

  • Bayer

  • PeptiMimesis

  • Polyplus Transfection

  • Transgene

  • MedinCell

  • Ipsen

  • A3 Surgical

  • BSN Medical

  • West Pharma

  • Diagast

  • Adocia

  • Erytech


Conferences in Strasbourg


Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg | Strasbourg Conferences

  • Palais Rohan

  • Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

  • Strasbourg Cathedral

  • Musée alsacien

  • Gare de Strasbourg

  • St. Thomas, Strasbourg

  • Saint Pierre le Jeune

  • Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame

  • Barrage Vauban

  • Tomi Ungerer Museum

  • Grande Île

  • Strasbourg Cathedral

  • Maison Kammerzell

  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Strasbourg

  • Palace of Europe

  • Musée archéologique

  • Musée historique de Strasbourg

  • Musée des Arts décoratifs, Strasbourg

  • Musée zoologique de la ville de Strasbourg

  • Musée des Arts décoratifs, Strasbourg

  • Musée zoologique de la ville de Strasbourg

  • Cabinet des estampes et des dessins

  • Jardin Botanique Strasbourg

  • Stade de la Meinau

  • Observatory of Strasbourg

  • Strasbourg Astronomical Clock

  • Musée de minéralogie

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